Ava Devine Bio

Ava Devine BioAva Devine did not join the adult industry as a fresh-faced innocent looking for attention. She joined at age 28 when she was already an experienced woman with a well-developed hunger for hardcore sex. Prior to filming her first porno, she was working as a stripper. She was frequently back in the VIP Room, doing all of the dirty things that her clients most desired. That led to her becoming an escort with a slew of regular customers seeking her out specifically. After learning that one of her most loyal ones was going to start shelling out the big bucks to see a pornstar instead, Ava’s competitive nature came out. She decided that she was going to start doing films too. And so she did.

Ava Devine isn’t a skinny, flirtatious girl-next-door. She is a voluptuous Venus-like goddess with a hunger for the wild side of sex. There is nothing tame about her. She believes that raunchier is better and it comes naturally to her. She is foul-mouthed and fabulous. She loves to talk dirty and will verbalize what she is feeling in graphic detail during her scenes. Being quiet is not a trait that she possesses. She is not afraid to demand what she wants or to express her intense pleasure. About the only time when she isn’t vocal, is when she is gagged or going down. In fact, she won the 2005 AVN Award for Best Oral Sex Scene.

Ava was born in Long Island, New York on January 22, 1974. She is a mix of Chinese and Italian heritage. At age 17, she moved to Las Vegas and that was where she discovered that she could make a career out of sex. Being paid to get filmed fucking is her dream job and she is thrilled to be doing it. She is a real exhibitionist and comes to life on camera. She claims that she has a hard time watching porn because she always wants to be the one in the action and not simply a voyeur.

With more than 350 titles under her belt, Ava credits her longevity in the business to how far she is willing to go and just how real and raw her scenes are. She doesn’t believe that a performer needs to look like a Barbie Doll, she just needs to have a true passion for the work. Some of the things that the other girls in the industry refuse to do, are the things that Ava loves most and truly excels at. Anal and double penetration are some of her specialties. She also does gang bangs and ass to mouth. She breaks boundaries and goes into every new experience with a real thirst for the taste of adventure.

Ava Devine doesn’t do meek or embarrassed. She is in it for the thrill and wants to drive you wild. You should let her!

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